Bob Van Stee

Bob Van Stee - Bluemoon Songs CD [2000]

Bluemoon Songs cover

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These are a series of improvisations recorded in a blue moon cycle in January 2000. These are not composed in advance and executed perfectly. As in all good improvisations, there are plenty of surprises. Consider them stones or half buried roots along the path. They may alter your footing but they do not affect the beauty of the trail. They help guide your steps.

Prayer for White Snowbird Woman - "I need your music now ... not later!" My friend was told to go home and put her affairs in order. There was no more Western medicine could do. I immediately went into the studio and recorded this piece. An Odawa friend gave her medicine and later gave her this name. She still lives in Colorado with her family.

Blue Crescent - The mid-January sun had just set and was being followed by the thin blue wisp of a new moon ... followed by Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ... like beads on a string.

Eagle on the River - I saw a bald eagle in the branches of a tree on the riverbank waiting for a fish to rise. My friend asked me shyly, "Are there some wrong notes in this one?" I laughed and said, "Oh! ... that's the eagle!"

Prom Night for Fireflies - I stopped my truck on the little gravel road that ran through the cornfields ... surrounded by a million points of light...fireflies... dancing ... on a sultry evening in August. A herd of about ten deer crossed the road right in front of me ... as mesmerized as I was!

Eye of the Dreamer - An Armchair Adventure - Some journies are inward ... but they lead you back. Sometimes you donít know where you are going ... but your only option is to "go ahead on."

Blue Moon Rising - A fat full moon was rising out my Eastern window ... the second full moon in the month of January ... the Blue Moon. The quote at the end is from a piece by Richard Wagner called "Death And Transfiguration" ... (John Williams later stole it for the movie Superman) ... it seemed a fitting quote for the ending of the blue moon cycle... and the end of this album.

This album was made for my friends.

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