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Bob VanStee - Gems 2000 CD [listen to tracks below]

Gems 2000 cover

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The following (except for Heartland and Shine On You Crazy Diamond) were produced for Michigan Epic, a Michigan history website for school kids K-5.

Heartland - Soundtrack for the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center construction update video. Produced by Bruce Mason.

A Four Million Year History of the Upper Great Lakes in Two Minutes - An animation of the evolution from salt water ocean to the raising of mountains by techtonic plates, the bubbling up of magma and the volcanoes blow! Erosion brings us to the present.

You Be the Judge - School kids have been playing in the big old tree on the Johnson property for generations, but new people move in and want to cut it down to put in a swimming pool. What can they do to save the tree?

You Be the Judge - ballad version

You Be the Judge - orchestral version

"Oh No!" - The worst case scenario ... the tree comes down.

Keeper of the Light - Biography of Elizabeth Barrett Williams, who grew up on Beaver Island, married the lighthouse keeper, and took over operations when he died trying to rescue people.

Keeper of the Light - Life and Times.

Wolves! - One winter the ice froze and wolves crossed over from the mainland.

The Battle of Charlevoix - To escape King Strang's Mormon Nation, five-year-old Elizabeth and her family got in a rowboat and headed for Charlevoix. The Mormons gave chase, but the people of Charlevoix saw this and sank the Mormon boat.

Birthday Waltz on Beaver Island

And Your Answer Is? - Equivalent of the Jeopardy theme for a "Game Show"

And Your Answer Is? #2

And Your Answer Is? #3

Michigan Governor's Theme-1840's

Michigan Governor's Theme 1860's

Michigan Governor's Theme-1930's

Michigan Governor's Theme-1960's

Busy Busy Busy Good "one minute housecleaning music."

Shine On You Crazy Diamond for Juhas & Sullivan Jewelers

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