Gus-Bob Van Stee

Welcome to my house! Come on in.

One night when I was about seven years old, I stayed up late watching an old black and white movie about a classical piano player. His long white hair flew about wildly as he attacked this grand piano in a glass room, with a full moon and clouds sweeping by. It moved me. The next morning I went to our old upright piano and pretended I was him. Although my brush cut didnít fly about wildly and the music was pure chaos, my fingers accidentally fell across a C Major triad. It stopped me in my tracks. I remember thinking, "I donít know what that is, but I know itís real." That day I discovered all twelve major chords. The next morning I discovered all twelve minors ... and I was off to the races.

I've been a professional musician since I graduated as part of the "Late Great Class of '68!" from Union High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since then I have played piano with rock bands until my fingers would bleed because there were no electric keyboards in those days ... just old uprights with a microphone stuffed in the top, to now having a home studio in which I can record a whole symphony orchestra of sounds and more. Not only that, with the push of a button I can see the written music, edit it and print it out ... something I actually daydreamed about one early morning in my Music Theory class, as I struggled to manually take down "four part music dictation" back in my college days.

We have all come a long way, but as in life, with music there is no end... only new pages. Take your time touring the pages of my "house." You are welcome here.

Here is a list of upcoming local performances